Mutuals Public Register

As of 1 April 2019 documents on this register are free to download

Welcome to the Mutuals Public Register.

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The FCA is the registrar for ‘mutual societies’:

  • Registered societies, including:
    • Co-operative societies; and
    • Community benefit societies
  • Credit unions
  • Building societies
  • Friendly societies

Our Register will tell you whether a society exists, along with other details including their registered office address. Any public documents relating to a society can be obtained. These include registration documents, annual returns and accounts, charges, and rules of a society. We do not maintain a register of directors.

To obtain public documents relating to a society:

  1. Search the register and see if the document for that society is available electronically to download; if not
  2. Click here to request a copy of the document.
  3. Details of the fees for public documents are here .

For more information about mutual societies please visit our main site.

The FCA also provides a Financial Services Register of regulated firms, individuals and other bodies.