AmicusHorizon Limited

Registration Number: 30786R

Registered - Amalgamated
Registered Society
12 October 2009
Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
Grosvenor House
125 High Street

Date of Document Description Download
22/05/2017 Amalgamation of Societies.pdf
31/03/2017 Annual Return and Accounts.pdf
12/10/2016 Notification of Charge.pdf
15/09/2016 Notification of Charge.pdf
01/08/2016 Transfer of Engagements.pdf
11/05/2016 Notification of Charge.pdf
19/04/2016 Notification of Charge.pdf
19/04/2016 Notification of Charge.pdf
31/03/2016 Annual Return and Accounts.pdf
21/01/2016 Complete Amendment to Rules.pdf
Transfer Date Transferred Society Name Transferred Society Number Transfer Type
01/08/2016 Southwark and London Diocesan Housing Association Limited 16905R TE
12/10/2009 Ten Sixty Six Housing Association Limited 28131R AM
12/10/2009 Southern Horizon Housing Limited 29204R AM
12/10/2009 Rother Homes Limited 30180R AM
12/10/2009 CASA Support Limited 21376R AM
12/10/2009 Swale Housing Association Limited 26746R AM
12/10/2009 AmicusHorizon Group Limited 16643R AM
12/10/2009 SLFHA Limited 29205R AM

No name changes.