Somerset Co-housing Community Land Trust Limited

Registration Number: 30745R

Registered Society
29 July 2009
Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
10 East Reach


11 February 2014
Date of Document Description Download
18/01/2022 Complete Amendment to Rules .pdf
31/12/2020 Annual Return and Accounts.pdf
03/09/2020 Name Change.pdf
03/09/2020 Complete Amendment to Rules .pdf
31/12/2019 Annual Return and Accounts.pdf
31/12/2018 Annual Return and Accounts.pdf
09/11/2018 Notification of Charge
09/11/2018 Notification of Charge.pdf
31/12/2017 Annual Return & Accounts.pdf
31/12/2016 Annual Return and Accounts.pdf

No transfer of engagements received by this society.

Date of Name Change Previous Name
03/09/2020 Somerset Co-operative Community Land Trust Limited